A powerful detoxifier and hydrator - activated charcoal is the ultimate in delivering the skin benefits you love!

Soothe with pure extracts, purify with powerful formulas, and achieve fully detoxed and hydrated skin!

Detoxify & Hydrate - Activated Charcoal is the ultimate ingredient making this formula perfect for a deep detox and powerful hydration. It pulls out toxins and leaves your skin fresh and glowing. You’ll be obsessed with the results!

#everydaymasking - Botanical Fuse Masks are the easiest KBeauty trend. One Mask A Day, Everyday. Instant way to prep your skin before makeup. One package full of goodness and natural essences to satisfy your daily skin needs.

Key Ingredients - Activated Charcoal and various botanical extracts.

How to use - Clean the skin. Apply mask, and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove, and rub extra serum into the skin and reveal your cleanest glow!

SF Glow Botanical Fuse Sheet Mask - Charcoal